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Portland Company Property Sold

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Dylan Lambert:
Looks like the landlords are changing...

Mike Fox:
Hope for the sake of MNGRR that the new owners are still willing to rent them the space they need.

Tom Casper:
at a rent they can afford

Tom C.

Richard "Steam" Symmes:
I can't imagine that the "powers that be" in the NEW, yuppified Portland will want a dirty, smokey old steam train puffing along their waterfront paradise.

My BET is that sooner or later, MNG will get their "walking papers" handed to them in one form or another.

Unfortunately, as with every enterprise, if you don't own / control your real estate, you are at the whim of the people / agency that DOES own it.

It's sad to realize after so much time, money and sweat has been expended by so many.


Bill Reidy:
I am hoping MNGRR has a good outcome in Portland with their new landlords.

Makes one appreciate the different circumstances on which Harry founded our museum, and the diligence our board of directors, especially Kielbasa Dave, has made in securing our right-of-way.  Certainly we were fortunate our land situation was much better to start with, but the foresight our BOD has taken since on this issue has ensured the long-term future of the museum.


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