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B&H Semaphore Blade?

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Ken McCown:
Hello, I am a very frequent contributor to Railroadiana Online Q&A Board, Recently there was a question (Q#1471) posted about a "B&H message box" that was given to the person asking about it by a museum some time ago. The item appears to be a three dimensional semaphore blade. As part of the answer I have already posted links to the Bridgton Historical Society and the Maine Narrow Gauge Museum websites. I am wondering if anyone has any more information or even a photo of this item when it was in use? Ken McCown Cleveland, OH

Dave Crow:
Might it be Bath & Hammondsport in New York state?

Ken McCown:
The person that has the item states that it is from the Bridgton & Harrison, and really did not know enough about it to spell Bridgton correctly. Check out the photo of it that is posted at Railroadiana Online Q&A Board. If it is a B&H or B&SR artifact my hope would be that it could be reurned to its home territory and preserved and displayed. Ken McCown

Mike Fox:
I have posted a reply to that. I looked through some books at some pictures and found nothing. It does not look like anything that the B&SR would have used anyway.

Stewart "Start" Rhine:
The B&SR did not have a line side signal system.  Trains got signals at stations from the agents using flags or lanterns and signaling from the platform.  Agents kept a red lantern burning if they had to red board a train after dark.


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