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Track work Friday Aug 8


James Patten:
I am running a track crew on Friday August 8.  I hope to work on Davis Grade, leveling and more importantly lining certain areas.

Track crew will leave as close to 7:30 as we can manage.  We'll break for lunch, of course.  Quitting time will be around 4, or whenever everybody gets too tired to keep going.

Zack has promised us some stone, so if we have it we'll ballast a little first where we're going to be working, then set up for jacking and tamping.  If we don't have the extra ballast, we may work elsewhere (I'll determine that this weekend).

Mike Fox:
Wish I could help. You would have to do them in the winter for me to make any Friday events. And Saturday as far as that goes the way this year is going.

Joe Fox:
Will somebody let me know if they plan on going to the museum on a monday or tuesday please. I will go then and do work. Or somebody can tell me what work I can do, and I can try and get it done. My preference would be track work, if I can do any by myself.


James Patten:
Update on our accomplishments:

The rain held off until we actually started working.  Because of the rain I decided mainly to concentrate on lining out some of kinks in the track on Davis Grade.  We were quite successful.  The rain was still coming down steadily at 10 so we quit to wait for it to stop, which it did after lunch.

After lunch we went to AC for stone and put the flatcar's load on the track where we did the lining, hoping that would help to keep it in place.

Although we brought the compressor, we never used it.


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