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Roster of Surviving Maine 2' Locomotives

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Scot Lawrence:
Great list!
thanks!  ;D

since you didnt specify "Roster of Surviving Maine 2' steam Locomotives"
how about the other internal combustion locos?

The largest diesels are the three 23-ton GE's.
Built by GE for Whitin Machine works in 1949, built new as 2-footers.

No. 1
1949 - built as Whitin number ?
1967 - To Edaville No. 1
1993 - To Maine Narrow Gauge RR No. 1
2008 - Still MNGRR No.1 in Portland

No. 2
1949 - built as Whitin number ?
196? - (exact year unknown by me..late 60's or early 70's) to Edaville Number 2.
2008 - Is still Edaville No. 2

No. 3
1949 - built as Whitin number ?
197? - to "Steam Village Railroad" in Gilford, NH, in the 1970's.
197? - to "Koppers", a railroad tie manufacturer, in the 1970's.
1980 - Moved to Edaville, but was damaged by a low bridge while in transit to Edaville by truck.
1990's - moved to Portland, as a parts source.
2008 - still in Portland as a parts source.

(we know one of the three was Whitin number 5, but we dont know which of the three was number 5,
or what numbers the other two had while at Whitin.)

More detail here:


and there are more, smaller gas mechanical engines at most of the museums.
Does anyone have a Maine 2-foot "critter list"?


Matthew Gustafson:
Hey Ed why dont you also put up a post on surving 2 foot gauge rolling stock! It would also be very helpfull for others too! :o ::) :)

Ed Lecuyer:
A rolling stock roster would be beyond the basic knowledge of this author. The basis of one could be compiled, however, by combing the following web pages:

The biggest hole is that Maine Narrow Gauge doesn't seem to have a published roster of their equipment.

There are also a couple of oddball items:
- Edaville still has (I think) a combine from the SR&RL (which is listed on the "Away" page of the SR&RL site.)
- The group restoring the Albion station on the WW&F is rebuilding a flanger from some of the original hardware off a WW&F flanger.
- Beaver Brook Farm had a SR&RL boxcar. Again it is listed on the SR&RL "Away" page, but may have been sold and/or moved.

Others may have further ideas/corrections.

Bill Reidy:
Some details on the Whitin Machine Works diesels that went to Edaville:

Whitin #Edaville #Date BuiltGE c/n118/194930491428/194930490335/195030580
All were/are 28-ton units.

The Whitin Machine Work's 2-foot gauge railroad was electrified until 1949, when the GE diesel units were built to replace the electric locomotives.  Prior to the closing of Edaville in the early 1990s, one of the Whitin 2-foot gauge electric locomotives was on display at Edaville.

Information source:  "Electric Locomotives of the Whitin Machine Works" by Charles A. Brown, NHRHTA Shoreliner magazine, Vol. 12 Issue 4 1981.

- Bill

P.S.  After writing the above, I followed Scot's link to his web page on the Whitin 2-foot diesels and saw at least two discrepancies:

1.  Scot has a photo of one of the Whitin diesels as #5, so the roster from the Shoreliner article is clearly wrong; and
2.  Scot states the locomotives each have a weight of 23 tons, not 28 as listed in the Shoreliner article.

So I don't know if the Shoreliner information above helps to clear up or just cloudies the situation!

Matthew Gustafson:
What about the 2 foot railcars? ::) ;) :)


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