Author Topic: Auction Saturday May 9, 2015 - WW&F and Maine ng memorabilia (photos, more)  (Read 6081 times)

Ed Lecuyer

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Auction in Portsmouth, NH on Sat.:

Several lots of photos from WW&F and other narrow gauge lines. One 1930 WW&F timetable, one WW&F pass. Maybe more stuff - there are a lot of group lots. Various MNG books, etc.

I have no connection with the auction - just bringing it to the attention of the museum and its members.
Ed Lecuyer
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Dave Crow

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Wow - some really neat stuff in there.  Any idea whose estate this was?

Stewart - I'm surprised you're not drooling over some of the lanterns in there!

Stewart "Start" Rhine

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Hey Dave,  I checked them out but I just got a nice Rutland bell bottom lantern at CAMA last weekend so I gotta save $$ for a while.