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Monson Railroad In The News
« on: March 16, 2012, 09:55:15 AM »

   The Piscataquis Observer has been and still is the main newspaper serving Piscataquis County.  If you want to spend the time, you can find little tidbits of  information concerning the Monson Railroad in the archives.
   January 4, 1917……”Stanley Stevens finished work Saturday night as engineer on the Monson Railroad after about fourteen years of service.  Mr. Stevens was a faithful employee and will be greatly missed both by the railroad company and patrons.  He expects to go into the employ of the Monson Maine Slate Company at present.  Fireman Julius Carlberg will succeed to the engineer’s seat and Lawrence Sanborn will go as fireman.”  By this time, the slate company owned the Monson, so it was probably just a simple job transfer.  The quarry finishing sheds had a steam plant, so maybe he was transferred there as a stationary engineer.
   February 15, 1917…”Train service has been anything but on schedule time this past week.  Several night’s no mail was distributed owing to the late arrival of the train, Saturday nights’ mail being put out Sunday Morning”  Imagine that!  Mail on Saturday night!!!  It goes on to say “The Monson Railroad however is not to blame for the delays, it is the “big roads” that are bothered by heavy snow.”
   Just a glimpse into the everyday life of the Monson Railroad!

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Re: Monson Railroad In The News
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2012, 04:49:31 PM »
Julius Carlberg had become the fireman for the Monson RR in September, 1909.  Before that, he had been a hoister operator at the Kineo Quarry. I suspect that he decided to get out of the quarry after his 16-year-old brother Lewis was tragically killed earlier the same month by a large rock that fell off a dump car at Kineo.