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What powers fake steam engine #4 at Sandy River and why?

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Matthew Gustafson:
I just want to know? ??? ??? ???

Steve Klare:
Last I heard it was a fairly serious V8 salvaged from a 1969 Mustang. When I was very active up there it was a Ford 292 V8 through an automatic transmission, then a second truck transmission for more gear reduction, and then the gearing at the rear axle. The automatic transmission always ran red hot and the fluid was colors transmission fluid was never meant to be!

The "why" is because the new SR&RL started with little except ingenuity and determination and this was a way they could have a full sized locomotive for little more than some salvaged parts and home made labor. Also, since she's pretty much a turn key piece of equipment the operating expenses are pretty light.

Wesley Spear, who built #4, told me that compared to a lot of logging equipment projects he's done it was actually fairly simple.

The new Sandy River number 4 deserves a place of honor in the history of the two footers: she represents the beginning of the restoration era in Maine. I have a feeling no matter what kind of more historical equipment they get up there she'll always have a stall in the Old Stone Fort.

Matthew Gustafson:
Okay then. Thanks Steve! :D ;D

Stewart "Start" Rhine:
As the web page explains, #4 had a major rebuild few years ago.  In addition to the new V8 engine, the rear truck was rebuilt and the brake system  upgraded.  I have ridden behind #4 and it's a nice pulling engine.  As Steve said, much credit goes to Wes Spear for the original design and construction.   Yes, it is the first piece of re-born Maine two foot operation and has been in service for over 35 years.  Even with those standard gauge (freight car) driver wheels I think she's a nice looking engine.

Josh Botting:
I thought the engine was kind of neat the frist time I saw it.  Its certainly resoursefull, in the spirit of  good old maine common sense, which of course is appearant in all of the 2 footers!


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