Author Topic: Video of Day 3 of "The Grand Reunion" at the Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington  (Read 2651 times)

Bill Reidy

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Brilliant, John, simply brilliant.   Over the 19 years I've had the privilege to volunteer, the scenes I saw over the two Sundays of the Grand Reunion have been among the most striking.  Serving on the train crews, I couldn't take photos or videos, but I witnessed some of the most amazing scenes I've been fortunate to experience on the railway over this winter.  Thanks for sharing your work, John.  Greatly appreciated.
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John Meixel

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Bill thank you for your comments and thank you much more for helping to provide a wonderful event!  I am looking forward to next time!

John Kokas

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The next time should hopefully feature crossing Trout Brook and climbing the grade to TOM.  Now that will be a sight with stack talk to boot.
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Ted Miles

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          I just watched some more video of the event. Once again I was struck by the number of people who were out in the night of a Maine winter to make it happen. It was great to see the WW&F #9 in her earlier guise as SR &RL #6.  I am sure Alice Ramsdall would have been pleased! Ted Miles, WW&F Member