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Parking Area
« on: September 15, 2010, 08:51:16 PM »
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Stephen Hussar wrote:
Wayne took these pictures at a state park in PA.

Wayne Laepple replied:
Steve uploaded these shots for me. They are at a state park and show clearly how a nice parking area can be made in a wooded area. There are actually two parallel lots, each with space for 35-40 vehicles. They are entered from the highway on one side, and drivers loop around the parking area and into the diagonal spaces. Not pictured are two paved spaces nearest the lake for handicap use. I paced the lot off, and it is about 40 feet wide by 300 feet long. Notice that it is gravel, not paved. Also, note how the natural features of rocks and trees are used. I think this is the sort of appearance we should strive for with a lot on the Boudin property. This pair of lots is parallel to the state highway, but there is no reason why the lots couldn't be perpendicular to the road.

Mike Fox replied:
Looks nice Wayne. Only in our case maybe we could use ties as curbing instead of the cement ones they have.  And while we are at it, maybe make some fence posts out of rail like at Steamtown to put along the walkway. I took this picture this summer while Joe was at Railcamp. I think they look nice but others probably will have their own opinion.

Steve Zuppa replied:
Wayne, I'm wholeheartewdly in favor of a parking area modeled on the one you sent photos of and Mike, we could certainly divide the area with fencing that you suggest. All would be in keeping, certainly, with the aura(for want ofa better word) of what we're trying to create.

Stewart Rhine replied:
Wayne,  Thanks for the photos.  I agree with you and Steve Z.  We should build our lot with a tree buffer like the PA lot.

Mike, Using scrap rail for fence and gate posts is something railroads have done for years.  It would work well in our parking area plus it's cheap and durable.

Ed Lecuyer
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