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Humason Trestle '98 & Cockeye Curve in '99 *PIC*


Ed Lecuyer:
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Stephen Hussar wrote:

--- Quote ---A couple more shots from Stewart's collection. First, a neat shot of the trestle. It is amazing how much was left after so many years. And second, a shot of Cockeye Curve from 1999 looking north. Thanks, Stewart!

--- End quote ---

Stewart Rhine replied:

--- Quote ---Steve,  Thanks for posting the photos.  Here's some information about  them.

It was a long walk to Humason Brook in May of 1998 but I wanted to see the "trestle in the woods" that everyone was talking about.  I followed the grade from Sheepscot and it was all thick woods from Sutters North.  There was a large mud hole where Hall's crossing is now.  I had to go up the hillside to go around it.  I thought the black flies would carry me away but the hike was worth it.  It was really something to see an original WW&F trestle.

The second photo was taken in April of 1999.  I wanted a view of the grade in the same place as the photo of the Cockeye Curve wreck.  The wreck photo is the November shot in the 2006 WW&F Calendar.

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