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Sept/Oct Newsletter


Ed Lecuyer:
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Stewart Rhine wrote:

--- Quote ---To John McNamara, Steve Hussar, and everyone who contributed. I received my Sept/Oct issue of the Newsletter on Friday and I got chance to look through it this morning.  Great job as usual!  John - thanks for keeping the publication well rounded with news and history.  Steve's cover photo is SUPER, it would make a great poster.  Cudo's to Steve and to John for having the shot printed in cepia tone format.  I always look forward to getting the newsletter.  I have kept  every one I have received since joining in 1996.  They just get better each year.
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Wayne Laepple replied:

--- Quote ---Let me chime right in here and second Stewart's motion! For those of us who only get to the railroad a couple of times a year (or less), the newsletter is an essential communication to keep us informed.

It is always a delight to find the newsletter in my mailbox, but this issue tops all the others I've collected and saved over the years. To all who contributed to the newsletter, a hearty well done!
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