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History Scripts on W, W, & F Railway for Train Crew


Ed Lecuyer:
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Joe Fox wrote:

--- Quote ---Hi Everybody,

Since I can't be at the museum for a few more Saturdays unfortunatley, I am going to make up a script, as best as I can, rehearse it to make sure that it isn't to long. The Conductor will hvae to have a shorter version of it. However, the conductor could talk on the return trip, and also talk to the passengers at Alna Cetner about the railroad, the building, the road, the saw mill parts, etc. etc. The last thing a passenger wants to hear as an answer is I don't know. If they here that, then they say, well these guys are just restoring the railroad, and don't know anything about it. In one day, I have counted a total of 3 I don't know's to a question. But I came home, and immediatley did research on it. I plan to have the scripts with me when I come down again either the Saturday after Thanksgiving, or the first weekend of December. See you guys then.

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petecosmob replied:

--- Quote ---and only a thought, but what if you could find an old fassioned "Meggaphone," that is, just a large cone with a handgrip and no electronics....
It might be a bit cumbersome and a bit heavy, but it would DEFINITELY firt the era!!
Anyway, i suggest as a means of amplification as shouting over the train noise might get a bit tiresome, and harsh on the voice, and as an alternative to electronic amplification that might otherwise detract from the experience.
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Joe Fox replied:

--- Quote ---If there is a whole train car full of passengers that have never ridden the trian before, very rare, I stand in the middle of the car. If there are a few people that have never ridden the train before, then I stand close to their end of the car. While the whistle is blowing, I stop talking so I don't have to talk over the whistle.
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James Patten replied:

--- Quote ---How are those scripts coming, Joe?
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