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Hello from a new member & the W.W.& F. on "YouTube"
« on: September 15, 2010, 07:40:33 PM »
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Tom Lapointe wrote:
Returning from a camping trip in Maine with my girlfriend on Monday Aug. 13th,  I stopped to visit the museum (I knew you guys normally operated only on weekends), & was pleasantly surprised to find #10 in steam at Sheepscot station with a train ready to depart; enquiring with the fellow who was your station master about tickets, he informed us it was a chartered train for a historical society; if they had no objection (& they didn't), we could hop aboard!

We were both very impressed with the hospitality extended by the museum members; so after the run I signed up for membership myself!

I fortunately had my camcorder handy (with the battery fully charged & just enough tape, & got some nice footage of both the ride & #10 in operation. I just finished editing the raw video last week, & posted it to "YouTube" over the weekend; it's in 2 parts (since YouTube has limits of 10 minutes per segment & 100 MB file size for free accounts, which mine is). Unfortunately, your forum rules prohibit me from posting the url's directly (at least until as a new member, I've done at least 5 posts); just use YouTube's search function on my user name (WA1LBK), & you should be able to access all my videos (all train related), including the 2 W.W. & F. segments.

Thanks again for your hospitality!
Tom Lapointe

Joe Fox replied:
Great videos. Sorry to hear that you missed the Annual Picnic by one day. At the Annual Picnic we run freight trains, mixed trains, and passenger trains. It would be great for you to come up and volunteer as well. Most of the regular volunteers come from Mass, well at least half of them any way. Hope to see you at the W, W, & F sometime in the near future, and very glad you enjoyed your visit.


elecuyer replied:
Direct Links to Tom's videos:

Paul C. replied:
From Paul Crabb - Hi Tom;
Glad to see you've discovered WW&F first hand. I hope you come back again. You may know Rick Sission and I are "crew" members and Pete Barney visits quite often. We just need to get Paul Brown to visit then basically our whole Model RR group will be WW&F "fans". What's the latest on you "G" scale operations?

twofoot replied:
If only those videos weren't so horribly compressed by YouTube! It makes them almost unwatchable. I would happily compress them the RIGHT WAY for you to post on the museum site.

Drop me a line off list.


James Patten replied:
Putting on my webmaster's hat....

I'm very reluctant to host videos on the because 1) videos usually take up large amounts of space (and we have some limitation), and 2) there are numerous places which already host videos as part of what they do.

I'd be willing to put in a link to a video or group of videos - but not willing to put them on our website.

twofoot replied:
Hi James. I can tell you that the compressed videos can be as little as 1mb in size, but light years ahead in quality. Would you want to try an experiment with a sample video?

I do this for a living.  ;^)


Chris Cardinal

Josh Botting replied:
How do you compress the videos, and retain the quality?
I have had no results with this taks?

Tom Lapointe replied:
Hi Guys!

Sorry for the delay on replying to this - just been flat-out busy with the start of the holiday rush here!

Chris, the original video file size (both videos, totalling just over 19 minutes) was 3.85 GB, in the native DV-AVI format from the camcorder.  Since I have one of the free "YouTube" user accounts, they limit video length to a 10-minute maximum, with a maximum file upload size of 100 MB. Accordingly, when I edit videos, I save the edited files twice; first, in the DV-AVI format to retain the original video quality,  then again, using "Windows Movie Maker's" compression utility to reduce them to my default maximum of 99 MB. to stay within "YouTube's" file size limits.  - Hence the video looking like it came off a old VHS deck with worn-out video heads  as "YouTube" presents it! (The original video is MUCH sharper!).

If you have software which can compress a nearly 4 GB video file down to 1 MB, without loss of quality, I could e-mail you my original file to post on the museum's website, if the webmaster so desires.

Tom Lapointe
Ed Lecuyer
Moderator, WW&F Forum