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Bangalore 2-foot gauge 2-8-2's
« on: June 22, 2009, 08:44:24 PM »
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Stephen Hussar wrote:

Photographer unknown

Stephen Hussar replied:
In case any of you are planning a trip to Bangalore you should know that they are in the process of changing the name of the town and restoring its original name, which is "Bengaluru." Precisely translated Bengaluru means, "the town of boiled beans." True story I swear! 

Locomotive112 replied:
This was a fantastic Baldwin of 1948 that was built for the "Scindia State Railways" in Central India, a the main station is in Gwalior India.    This loco has a very direct lineage back to the SR&RL #23, they shares the front truck, though with some changes due to modernizations, the same; boiler dia, drivers, and a lot of other details.   This is what the SR&RL would have purchased if they had survived until 1940 or 1942 when this locomotives first of class came out, the "Mysore Iron & Steel Works" #10 (Mysore India) (Can be seen in the book; "Locomotives That Baldwin Built"  author; Fred Westing,  photos are on the last few pages).   The only differences between the Mysore #10 locomotives and the Scindia Locomotives (there were 4 of them)  was that the Mysore loco had a bell and a slight bend in the hand rail around the injector piping where the Scindia locos had straight piping.
I own the copyrights and the only surviving set blue prints to this locomotive and it is a huge set of oversized drawings.
If any of you want to build the most modern Baldwin Two-footer ever built I will be making the drawings available soon, so you can build one in a smaller scale or in full size if any of you would like to.
Check the forums other topics where this is being discussed for the full story. I'll add the link to this topic later.
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