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Eighteen Quarry Extension
« on: January 15, 2010, 04:06:53 PM »
Somewhere (perhaps from the Hungerford materials at the WW&F) I got the impression that the Hebron Quarry Branch was removed about 1918 to provide rail for the extension of the Monson Pond/Kineo Quarry Branch from Oakland Quarry to the new Eighteen Quarry.  Can anyone verify this?

The Hebron Quarry Branch apparently was still in place when the Monson's branches were mapped in late 1917 (see Jones, p. 137). According to Jones (p.53), the Monson RR bought 28 tons of used rail from the Boston & Maine for the extension to Eighteen Quarry.  However, according to my calculations (assuming 35 pound rail), this would have provided only about 1/2 mile of the 2-3 miles of track needed.  The rail from the Hebron Quarry Branch would have provided at least another mile of track.
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