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Chicago's 2 foot Underground Railway System

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o anderson:
So, what was the largest 2-foot gauge railroad in the Chicago area?  You might be thinking of the Brookfield Zoo, it was over two miles long,  I think.  But that was not it.  Maybe this link will help:
O. Anderson

Stephen Hussar:
Lemme guess...the Chicago Tunnel RR?

Stewart "Start" Rhine:
The underground railroad system got national attention when a construction crew drilled down through the the top of the tunnel and water from the Chicago River flooded the network.  Many downtown buildings had flooded basements from the accident.   

Dave Buczkowski:
There is a nice book on the Chicago Tunnel RR that I picked up a few years ago. If anyone's interested I can provide the title.

Mike Fox:
Hey, look at all those wheel sets. Coil springs at that.


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