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Wayne Laepple:
Hi all --

I have been corrected about my previous post by Bernie Perch. Two of the feet on the base will remain as is, while the others will be trimmed to match them. The feet will then serve to stand the base off no. 11's boiler. This serves two purposes. One is to lift the bell off the boiler and reduce the area of potential corrosion between the base and the boiler, and it will also lift the bell's base up to the depth of the lagging. The fore and aft feet were made longer on purpose, as I mentioned before, so the bell stands solidly on a floor or stand.

I learn something new every day.

Cheers -- Wayne

Stephen Hussar:
No 11's finished bell arrived over the weekend! Thank you Bernie and Wayne!

Vincent "Lightning" LeRow:
Ok everyone,

I have looked over this forum and even tried digging in the Old Forum....

What is No. 11??

Stephen Hussar:
Hello, Vincent. No 11 will be a reproduction of WW&F No 7, to be built after No 9 is completed.

Eric Bolton:
Here are some of my drawings for the project. These are not the best quality pictures. I took them with a camera phone.

Engineer's side,



And technical mumbo jumbo,


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