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1906 Harbor Springs Michigan Narrow Gauge Photo-Neg on Ebay

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Glenn Byron:
Hi All,  Was roaming around Ebay and found item # 270527454334 , a nice shot of a Narrow Gauge train at Harbor Springs, Mich. taken in 1906.  Doesn't seem to be any more info about the negative, and I know nothing else about it.  Just a real good look at one I never heard of before.  I sent the auction to Mike Fox and maybe he can post it for all to see.  Glenn  Byron

Glenn Byron:
Hi,  Little more info,  See also Ebay item # 300369102746  which is a photo made from the neg.  A "Bing" search yielded some info on The Harbor Springs Railway, a 30" gauge called The Hemlock Central.  Was only a few miles long and was in service about 10 years.  Interesting reading though.  Glenn

Tom Casper:
That my friends is Mr Shay's original RR where the 1st Shay ran.

Tom C.

Mike Fox:
I can't post the photo, copywright issues, but I can post a link.

Bill Fortier:
What does that critter have for a frame? Is there just a single beam down the left side of the boiler?


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