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Portland-Monson Slate Co.
« on: January 11, 2010, 12:08:33 PM »
The Google Maps link (provided by Bill Fortier in the "long slate shed" topic) gives a good view of the spur into the Portland-Monson Slate Co. mill shown on p. 73 of the Jones book.  That spur begins about 1/4 mile south of Stevens' Crossing and curves broadly to the south and west.  The spur is in great shape near the switch, apparently because the slate ballast has pine trees growing upon it and therefore has not been impacted by ATV's.  However, the spur has been truncated not far beyond the switch, apparently for drainage purposes (although there is still general flooding on the main just south of the switch).  I do not know the exact termination point of the spur, although the northernmost buildings shown on the Google map appear to have been the destination.   

On the main line just south of the switch are remnants of a shed, apparently that shown on pp. 73 and 96 of the Jones book. The  apparent absence on p. 73 of the siding paralleling the main track seems to indicate that the siding was a spur with a south-facing switch not visible in the photo).