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How Long Is The Current Restored Railroad goes and should It be Extended?


Matthew Gustafson:
I Think it should because their Engines need more Running Space To Run! =D

Stewart "Start" Rhine:
Matt,  The current SR&RL RR mainline is about 1/2 mile long.  Expansion is not possible right now because the railroad is "land locked" between the Sandy River on the south end and a town road on the north end.   There's no bridge over the Sandy River, the covered bridge was removed in the 1930's.  Building a new bridge would be a major construction project.  On the north end, the SR&RL does not own the land on the other side of the town road.  This prevents the line from extending northward.  There are plans to construct a car storage building along the current mainline so the railroad will be laying more track in the next year or two.  There are other projects like car and locomotive restoration in the works.  More info can be obtained at their web site


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