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General Discussion / British Preservation
« on: October 22, 2010, 08:40:43 AM »
Just in case you didn't catch this on RYPN, this is a professional video of UK Railway preservation, the first in a series. Subjects include the Welsh Highland and several other narrow gauge lines, including one built and run by a husband and wife team!
 I found it inspiring and very well done.

General Discussion / Baldwin Archives on line
« on: August 17, 2010, 03:19:26 PM »
From RYPN, the archives of the BLW at DeGolyer Library  are  now available for your viewing pleasure.
Caution, very large .pdf files, so if you're not on cable they'll take a looooong time.
They do have the WW&F and Sandy River engines spec sheets.,32

Museum Discussion / Injectors, Part Deux
« on: August 03, 2010, 03:42:25 PM »
I have been trying to rebuild a 6 1/2 Metropolitan injector to use on #10, especially since the 5 1/2 on the fireman's side has been fussy, to say the least, ever since the rebuild in 2004, and maybe before then.
Lately, it's fussiness has become pure ornery-ness, and I finally felt compelled to take it apart and risk not being able to get it to work without a back up.
So Monday, the 2nd, I took it almost all apart and discovered a few things.
The most significant was a dent in the exit end of the lifting steam nozzle. I think this comes from sticking something up into the water inlet to hold the injector while trying to  unscrew things. This dent would disrupt the flow of steam into the combining cone and probably caused the poor lifting capability of the injector.
The next problem appeared to be that the sealing surfaces in the main steam valve assembly were worn, and needed to be resurfaced. They were leaking all the time. This, combined with the fact that the globe valve in the steam line to the injector leaks, would keep steam flowing through the injector and get it too hot when not in use. Otherwise the injectors' main steam valve assembly was in good shape, although it did seem to have a little extra play in it.
Lastly, the tubes had a lot of scale build up, especially the main forcing/combining tube at it's throat.
We couldn't get the main tube out, so I took the chance that it wasn't too worn and just cleaned it up as best I could.
I lapped the seats and valves. There was one small sector of the large diameter valve seat that lets steam into the lifting nozzle that seemed to either be worn or have some casting defects. That was cleaned up as well and they are now in good shape.
The check valve was OK, as was the overflow valve.
After all the cones and nozzles were cleaned, it was reassembled. Since Roger Whitney had so nicely fired up and kept #10 hot most of the day, we put it back in and we were relieved to have it work almost flawlessly at 75# and a half full, warm tender tank. The one little trick that it still has is to start lifting in a mode where there is an oscillation. My suspicion is that the extra play in the main valve assembly might allow it to jump back and forth between a state where the lifting steam valve is fully open to one where it is partially closed. A little handle wiggle appears to kick it into the desired state, fortunately.
It was pretty exciting to have it fill the boiler from a 1/2 glass and 75# on the gauge to full glass at less than 40#.
Hopefully this will give me some more time to figure out the spare injector's issues as well as make the fireman's job a little less thrilling. It also gives some insight into the tolerances required in the cones and nozzles for proper operation, and the comments and thoughts from Keith and others have given me enough information to become more proficient at understanding and fixing these things.
They may be about as close to magic as we can get!

Whimsical Weirdness and Foolery / What's Next
« on: May 11, 2009, 07:31:48 AM »
OK, so we now have "The Ladder", and "The Ramp",
What's next, "The Chute" ??

Whimsical Weirdness and Foolery / Smokey Joe's Cafe
« on: April 14, 2009, 04:08:41 PM »

Troublemaker Alert!

I think we should have a caption contest for the picture.
How about "Joe, about that smoke....."
I'm sure someone can do better.  :D

Museum Discussion / Something to dream on...
« on: March 16, 2009, 03:17:44 PM »
Wonder if we'll ever see one of these in Wiscasset again? 

Museum Discussion / Historical Photo Recreations
« on: March 10, 2009, 09:54:16 AM »
In reading the topics on building 'new' old cars and trucks, and studying the picture Stephen included of the gravel train at Head Tide, I had a question:
Have we ever thought about or discussed the idea of recreating some of the pictures that were taken of the original railway?
This would provide a ready made 'script' for the picnic, charters,  or other seasonal events.
(The Mason's wreck pictures might not be doable except with Photoshop.  ;)  )
Any comments? Favorites pictures? Old idea?
How about a 'what if', such as the FS&K connection that Dana has researched?

Whimsical Weirdness and Foolery / Palen/Fay/Joking Around
« on: November 26, 2008, 10:40:09 AM »
Well, after seeing the Bridgton Yard site for the first time during the Fall Field Trip I can see that the tanks I saw were not the ones that were in the yard.  Tanks, but no tanks.
:P  Uhhhhhh
Dana's been listening to too many political speeches this fall, methinks....

Work and Events / WW&F No. 9 - Official Work Thread
« on: November 03, 2008, 10:15:56 AM »
Work on #9 has gone pretty slow since last spring, what with all the outdoor activity during the warm season and the need to run steam every weekend.  The pace should pick up now that we are back inside for the winter.
My understanding is that the boiler is about ready for tubes over at Boothbay Railway. In the shop at Sheepscot the major frame break around the left front driver pedestal has been repaired, and the frame around the slots for the spring hangers have been reinforced. The new rear frame side assemblies have been riveted together. The piece that will tie the front and rear frame together has been cast (successfully, this was the second try) and awaits machining. Repair has begun on the right front frame in front of the driving box pedestal where the piece that goes under the cylinder casting bolts to the main frame had been 'working' and loosened up. This will also get a new, longer binder to better reinforce this joint. The pivot castings for the equalizer bar and brake rigging are in the process of being bored for bushings.

Major overhaul of the cylinders has not started, as they will need boring and the left side will get a sleeve. The rest of the running gear will also get an overhaul as needed.

I would expect that much of the work on the frame will be done this winter, and a lot of smaller stuff will get some attention. The third Saturday of the month has traditionally been #9 day.

If you search back through the forum topics you should find some pictures and descriptions of a lot of this work.
Our goal is to have as much of the original machine as possible while having a reliable locomotive that will pass any anticipated future regulatory requirements.  

Work and Events / WW&F No. 10 - Official Work Thread
« on: September 18, 2008, 03:42:07 PM »
I've been working on refurbishing the spare Metropolitan injector for # 10 and can report pretty good progress.
For those who have pondered the magic that occurs inside of one of these devices here is a picture of it in pieces:

As you can see there's a lot going on in there!

The shiny parts are the two new tubes that I made to replace the damaged old ones. The internal valves which control the steam flow have been refinished and I'll be renewing a couple of the outside linkage parts to reduce the play.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks our fireman's side injector will no longer be the PITA that it is now.

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