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I am requesting community input from others who have purchased the latest edition of Robert C. Jones' Two Feet to Tidewater.

In my copy there is a problem in the Powell section. One particular signature has duplicate pages, and consequently, omitted pages.

The previous signature ends with 318. The signature in question contains 323-324-325-326-323-324-325-326-327-328-329-330-327-328-329-330.
The next signature picks up correctly with 335.

So it looks like the outer four sheets (shown in red above) got mixed up or otherwise bound incorrectly. Does someone out there have duplicate 319-322 and 331-334?  Maybe we can trade ;D

Or perhaps other copies have the same problem as mine?

I wonder if someone could explain to me the difference between "former" and "ex-" as used when describing locomotive/rolling stock ownership.

For an example from our own newsletters, see July/August 1994:

The highlight for June was the visit of the former SR&RL, and ex-Edaville Model T Railcar Number 2...

I have also seen such things as :

ex-PC 18402, exx-LV 95112 (description of a CR caboose)
ex-ABC 10, exx-PDQ 43, exxx-HAL 315, former XYZ 7 (example made up, but I've definitely seen this many levels)


General Discussion / Age of Steam acquires B&LE 643
« on: August 06, 2019, 10:34:16 AM »
On August 5, Age of Steam Roundhouse announced the acquisition of B&LE 643, the lone survivor of the road's fleet of beefy 2-10-4s.

This marks the commencement of a (hopefully) less dramatic chapter in the engine's life. As a native of Pittsburgh, this announcement was particularly exciting for me.

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