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Other Maine Narrow Gauge / Re: Bangor Industrial Two Footer?
« on: February 20, 2015, 07:40:53 PM »
As stated in my entry this line was NOT 24 inch gauge! I have a pile of wheel/axle
sets used in Milo but couldn’t post photographs because my files are too large and I don’t know how make them smaller.
I have uploaded several shots to photobucket which are hopefully accessible in the link below. 

They measure about 18 1/4 inches to the inside of the flanges so I’m guessing that it is about
19 inch gauge though it could be 20. I don’t know how much play there should be between the
rail and flange. Both 19 and 20 inch gauges along with many others were used by industrial
railroads throughout the world.

Do we know if the museum’s Koppel cars are the actual ones from the WW&F?   

Other Maine Narrow Gauge / Re: Bangor Industrial Two Footer?
« on: February 16, 2015, 11:13:37 PM »
This engine and a large collection of small ‘flat’ cars and track do indeed survive.  See
the attached link which is a story about an older gentleman from Milo Maine who purchased
some property including a shed in which was found The American Thread company's narrow
gauge equipment.

He set it up on his property in conjunction with a sawmill he was running in his basement!
He later put the collection up for sale and it is my understanding that Basketville – a basket
making mill and retail store in Putney Vermont purchased it with the intent to run it on their
property. It rusted away in the grass for several years and was then purchased by a fellow
in Southern Massachusetts who intended to set up a backyard railroad. The project proved
to be too costly for him so once again it was sold. At this time the collection is said to be on
the property of a cranberry bog owner also in southern Mass. Inspired by Edaville? No mention
of it can be found on the internet so the current status is uncertain.

A small grouping of wheels, axels and bearings remained at the second to last owners property.
I responded to a Craig’s list ad in which he was hoping to find a buyer at scrap price or that's
where they were headed.

As can be seen in the photographs(I was unable to add them as my file size is too large - I'll try to fix that) they are actually not two foot gage but more probably
19 inch gauge or possibly a metric gauge as all of the bearing housings are marked with Arthur Koppel’s Berlin Germany location – WW1 surplus?????

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