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UK (Welsh, British) Two Footers / L&B Steam Gala - Lyn & Lyd
« on: October 01, 2018, 08:22:01 AM »
I was waiting for the L&B to post an entry to the website, but .....

Shaun Bradbury's Flickr photostream of the event...

UK (Welsh, British) Two Footers / LYN at the WHR Super Power Weekend 2018
« on: September 25, 2018, 04:29:23 PM »
LYN at the WHR Super Power Weekend 2018

Photo credit: Graham Rust

LYN - the World's newest steam loco - was the star attraction at the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Super Power Gala on September 14th – 16th.

LYN was based on the northern section of the Welsh Highland at Dinas hauling special trains between Caernarfon and Rhyd Ddu.


Richard Hoare / Ffestiniog Railway's LYD / Wikipedia

TWO MW's for the L&B

With our Planning Permissions in place, now is the time to progress the construction of new locomotives for an extended Lynton & Barnstaple Railway; construction of both locomotive and railway will take approximately five years. Accordingly, the 762 Club is to construct not one, but two Manning, Wardle locomotives to run on the L&B. These will be ‘YEO’ and ‘EXE ‘. The company name ‘Manning Wardle’ is now owned by the L&BR Trust, consequently these two locomotives will be works numbers 2048 and 2049. They will not be ‘replicas’ but simply new locomotives. The design will be closely based on that of ‘LYD’ with other various improvements over the original three locos built in the 19th century.

The plan is for ‘YEO’ is to be built in North Derbyshire and ‘EXE’ at Boston Lodge. Construction will begin as soon as CAD drawings are prepared from the set used to construct ‘LYD’ and also as funds begin to accrue.

Full drawings and pattern equipment is in existence and has been made available thanks to the generosity of James Evans and the Ffestiniog Railway.

... on a truck.

Photo credit: Jerry Bird

We are pleased to confirm that LYN - the World's newest steam loco - will be the star attraction at the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Super Power Gala which takes place on September 14th – 16th inclusive.

LYN will be based on the northern section of the Welsh Highland at Dinas hauling special trains between Caernarfon and Rhyd Ddu.

This visit to North Wales will be LYN’s first trip away from her home base at Woody By Station in North Devon.

F&WHR General Manager Paul Lewin comments: “We’re indebted to our friends at the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway and the 762 Club for allowing us to borrow LYN. We’ve always had a very close and productive relationship with the L&B and this will hopefully continue.”

The Mountain extension isn't the only narrow gauge being built..... New news 6 March 2018

Our planning applications to extend the railway to Blackmoor Gate and Wistlandpound Reservoir are now approved.

Museum Discussion / Museum Pinterest Page
« on: October 27, 2017, 07:05:45 PM »
Pinterest is one of the top 6 Social Media networks, so now we have a page for the Museum.

If you happen to have an account, please feel free to become a "Follower".

Has anyone ever figured out if there was a "standard" typsetting font that the WW&F used for tickets, timetables, handbills, posters, etc.? If so what is it?

I've been reading that the first fish hatchery in Maine was at Head Tide / New Milford. Did it get served by the railway?

Other Narrow Gauge / SP NG 18 at Laws, CA
« on: September 24, 2017, 07:38:45 PM »
Some mighty fine work done bringing it back to life and some mighty fine photography is starting to show up online from the event on Saturday.

The current plan is to hold off on mainline track laying till next spring or fall, depending on how filling goes this year. The hope is to lay 1,000' at a time again like we used to do. If we can build 1,000' of track in 3 work weekends we will be almost to 218, and across Trout Brook. We have 7 work weekends between now and the estimated timeline for being over the brook if everything goes well. All of this will depend on money, and a few other matters, but that is the anticpated timeline.

Any thoughts on simple innovations to help speed the track building process?


The Original W&Q and WW&F: 1894-1933 / The end of the WW&F
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:22:34 PM »
The entire line was abandoned and the rails were removed for scrap in 1934 after a paint company called in an unpaid line of credit.

Which paint company? Was it Sherwin-Williams?

Museum Discussion / Alna Center Station
« on: August 18, 2017, 07:01:54 AM »
What are the rough footprint dimensions of the station?
From the older construction photos in the forum it appears to be around 10' x 12' based on the scaffolding used?

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