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Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad / SR&RL Velocipede for sale
« on: November 15, 2011, 03:02:51 PM »

Just what it says, someone should think about this.  I think it's cool.

Museum Discussion / Re-enactment Fund Raiser?
« on: October 05, 2011, 03:44:25 PM »
Hey everyone,
  I just joined the forum here today, and have had an interest in the 2' gauge railroads for many many years.  I put a little bit about myself if the "Who I is" section of the site.  That being said, among the railroad things that I do and have studied and am very interested in the CROTB (Combat Railway Operations & Transportation Battalions) from WWI through WWII.  Being that the WW&F is a great living history museum, I was curiouse to see if there was any interest from anyone in doing some sort of WWI re-enactment or living history events at the railroad.  I have contacts with a group of WW I re-enactors, and I know from experiance that events like that can draw a lot of people.  So here is the question that I would like to pose to the group....

1.  Is there any interest in talking with the museum about doing something like this as a fund raiser?

2.  Are there any members who might be interested in starting a CROTB unit that dresses in WWI unifrom and meets at the railroad a few times a year for training and possible movie and TV work?  (and to do work for the railroad in a full imursion and period environment).
We would have a need for everything from operations to management and cooks.  I have an original roster of people to help us out.

3.  I am mostly interested in the Allied side of things, but if there is an interest in the "Axis" side of things I'm sure that we could talk with Booth Bay and get some time on the German equipment. 

  If this peaks anyones interest I think it could be a great "new thing".  If this has been talked about before, I'm sorry to be bringing it back up.  I looked through the thread as I have read here for many years, but I could not find anything on it.  If there is an interest, please let me know and I can put you in touch with a few places that make our uniforms and information. 

Thanks for your imput,


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