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Bridgton & Saco River Railway / The Bridgton & Harrison in England
« on: December 06, 2010, 01:25:45 PM »
Members may be interested to know that there are signs of the Bridgton & Harrison operating in England in the shape of my 7 1/4in gauge 2-4-2 which has the number 12 and the name ALICE. 

The locomotive is built to a design that is based on the B&H no 7, but the 2-4-4 configuration generally doesn't work well on 7 1/4in gauge tracks which cannot cope with the rear overhang, so most locos built to this design are modified to run as 2-4-2 locos with a tender that is roughly based on the tender that was attached to the SR&RL no24.  Its scale is about 3 3/4inches to the foot, so it is a little less than one third full size.  I think there are about five of these locos in England, mostly finished with SR&RL on the tender, but mine proudly displays BRIDGTON & HARRISON.  It is number 12 because it was the twelth out of twenty two 7 1/4in gauge locos built by its builder, Jeff Stubbs, who sadly died two years ago, and it is named ALICE after his mother-in-law.  I acquired no 12 two months ago, and it now runs on the EAST HERTS MINIATURE RAILWAY at Ware in Hertfordshire.  There are a few photos and a couple of very short snatches of vidoes of ALICE in action on the railway's website at

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