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Dear Narrow Minded People,

I am an original Colorado Narrow Gauger, have been in Germany for 21 years now, last visited Colorado in 2009. I so wanted to show my 10-year-old son my Colorado Narrow Gauge home. But there are no immunizations for kids until 2022 here in Germany and due to a separation I can't and won't risk his health.

But I don't want to miss the once in a lifetime Victorian Iron Horse Festival on the CT&S in August 2021. I've decided to go alone, I credit from flights from the cancelled trip in 2020 with United and Lufthansa, flights are too bad from Germany to Denver. But the rental cars are crazy and single occupancy motel/hotels are also dumb.

So is anyone out there going to Colorado for about 2 weeks around 20th of August to 1st-3rd September, that would care to take me into their fold. I'm a pretty agreeable guy, after living with my wife for 19 years, I can live with anyone for 2 weeks. I do snore, though. But I have other positive traits to recommend me as a travel partner.

Do you have any friends that would be interested in „hooking up“ for gratitidious foaming?😝

I could offer you a matchmaker finders fee as incentive “Foaming Bachelor” program.😜

I had contact with this young lady that is finishing her Phd. topic on the Heritage railway volunteerism specially on the Welsch Highlands 2ft rr. But as a notable organisation that the WW&F is, that has accomplished so much. As anyone formalised why it works at the WW&F and why so many other groups fail, wither out or just self destruct? I think that this would be a good topic for some University student in social sciences, psychology or such. It could be considered a offer of good will to the preservation world to document how and why the WW&F works so well and might be useful for grant righting and planning for the long term and attraction of skilled volunteers from the "Nintendo generation" as they age. Just a thought.

If anyone is interested I can make the connections and add a few resources that I've found as well has international prospective from different cultures where it works and not.

Ok guys,
I will probably start something but I have been thinking for a long time, I'd like to see more of the 60cm engines in Brazil preserved. At the EFPP with 17 engines/hulks there will be a lifetime to restore or preserve them and they are state property so not for sale, as is most of the preserved steam engines if they were ever under the national railway administration during communistic rule. That leaves engines that were left, tolerated in semi-private plantations or industrial railroads, of which they were many.

There is a big expensive book call "Inventario das Locomotivas a Vapor No Brasil" ISBN85-906677-0-7 which is a 2006 published pictural inventory of 450 existing locomotives all over Brazil and on page 180 are "Cards" 120 & 121. Vol66pg365-366pdf229-60cmWilliamsCo4UzimaTiumaBRAZIL1920_8-14D39dwg10Rd6SN53375

Which are some of the most modern 60cm/2ft Baldwin locomotives in Brazil, after 1924 I don't think Baldwin accepted orders for such small locomotives anymore. Anyway the pictures in the book from 2006 make your mouth water, looks like you could light a fire in them and drive out of the hall, except there are no tracks. From what little research online I did with my Portuguese it looks like the Sugar cane plant was shut down and assume by the ownership of Votorium, probably the land is still used, the cane or soybeans are processed somewhere else. Maybe these engines could be liberated from Brazil, it is close to Recife in Perambuco which is not so populated...

If you want the files bigger email me and I'll share them, the builders photo is a thumbnail from the RR-MP Website, I haven't bought a copy, yet. These would be sweet machines for your mostly strait track, I'll let you experts tell me which engine they would be closest to with their 30,000lb weight and 6180pdstractive effort, No.15?

If there would be interest in the US to fund an inquiry, I would know some people that might well know the right form of diplomicy to go an ask if they would be for sale, with the week economy right now maybe it would be a good time. But they will surely not give them away for $10,000. Sorry this has been bouncing around in my head for too long it just had to get out.

Cheers and good night

Hey Guys,
I wanted to report some good news again from Brazil, we are finally running trains again on the Perus Pirapora you have to look on Facebook to see it the best facebook group is the modeling group; Núcleo de Ferreomodelismo estrada de ferro Perus-Pirapora. Unfortunately, the other original Facebook group got hijacked by locals for advertising for fitness pills and hairdressers.

Both Steam engines the O&K/Deacuville 0-4-2wt and ALCO 2-4-2ST have been repainted and run, pictures show a new load of ties and some improvement of roof to park a few vehicles under. They are also finally soliciting to organize operation for school groups, a good source of revenue for tourist railroads in Brazil.

Also I've been recently contacted by a man/group from south Brazil that want to restore two of our German steam engines as a symbol of heritage for their German immigrant parents and grandparents. They are currently helping to repair/replace original clutch plates to get our DIEMA diesel "Thor" operating again. It would be really cool if they pick up the Hohenzollern 0-4-0T No.5 & No.6 Krauss 0-6-0WT for restoration over the next years. As always with Brazilians you have to be relaxed and keep your expectations in check but at least they are back to the level they were in 2012, abet with some new people. Their culture just doesn't have the tradition of long term commitment to a cause/project that gets things done like in the US/Germany, they are learning though.


Hey guys,
I tried to upload my Trip Report as word or pdf but it didn't work, so I'd like to refer you to my 10 page trip report posted at,277161,277161#msg-277161

I'm proud to say I rode in the cab of a 60cm O&K copy 0-6-0WT that was only 2 weeks old, BRAND NEW and available for purchase for only about €200,000. No assemble required. Batteries, Coal or Wood not included, spar parts and service available.

or go directly to my 500 pictures and read the report later...

Glad to answer any questions.

Hello Folks,
Just finally joined the WW&F, my other Museum the FFM just celebrated the 100th Anniversary of our "Brigade", WW1 trench engine and first public service of another German Military engine (0-10-0T) which was built for and returned from Japan. At the same time another WW2 German Military engine the Jung 110C (110hp 0-6-0T+T) is also entering service. We have over 12 operational steam engines and they keep coming. If only the same success could be copied in Brazil...

Enjoy my Flicker pictures

Also the pages of another Internet Friend that shouldn't be missed

keep it on the strait and narrow

Dear Gentlemen, and Ladies if there are any out there in the hobby...

For the last 2 years I have been collecting photographs and preparing a photobook about the Perus Pirapora railroad. I have since had 6 improvement issues with adding more information as I acquire it. Generally it was started as a visual inventory about the some 34 locomotives that the railroad had or has.  Recently I added a few pages about the cars too. Yesterday I just received another 5 copies. Since they are printed via a online photo service I can order 1 or a 100 at the same price, not cheap but about €22 a piece about €4 shipping to US in bubble mailer.

Through the online service it was also available to put a 3D Photobook preview online at my Face Book account

I'd be please to ship "narrow minded Friends" copies at the cost payable by paypal or "in kind" horse trading for other book and info. I'd also like to donate copies to any library like collections of the WW&F or Maine 2fter Museums if the collections are viewable for their members or visitors.

Not only are they some interesting equipment in Brazil but much more original Baldwin, ALCO and Porter 2fters existing than in the US. Unfortunately, after an extremely active phase as I was there from 2007-2010 the group has lost momentum and there is no noticeable progress and very limited operation. But this is not the first time, that the volunteers have been driven away through internal discourse. The equipment survives and will live to see another day when the resources finally arrive to recreate a class operation and museum. Remember Brazil is not really a 3rd world but they still have alot of problems and poverty and don't have the traditions of clubs or groups of people coming together for a common case like a museum or restoration of anything.

I hope to keep the railroad alive in the minds and hopefully we foreigners can show interest so that the Brazilians release what a treasure trove of narrow gauge technological history. I am also working of making models of several of the engines in 7/8's scale to also play with and publish. But as working & family life is moving very slowly due to lack of time.

Looking forward to corresponding with anyone interested in these sweet engines.


Hey there folks,

Working my way through all the Baldwin specification books and extracting all orders for Locomotives bound to Brazil or anything 2ft6in gauge and smaller. So far I have found 17 pages of specifications from Maine 2fters. Hope you can download them from the group. If not a member of the group or if you want them per email just drop me a line.

new year cheers

Howdy Narrow Minded Friends,

We have a new Blog and are collecting locomotives again, this time one of the most modern Porter No.7913 from 1945. Also in my evaluation one of two engines with boilers good enough to reactivate with basically a Form 4. No firebox patches and I have the original boiler drawing made to ASME.

By the way I have now prepared a 60pg photo book detailing the various existing 60cm locomotives of our beloved PerusPirapora which I will send anywhere for 25 Euro.

Also we are currently finalizing our 90 page book profiling our 2-4-0 Baldwin.

Good pictures at the "old" blog too. Copy them if you want this blog my disappear... Old Perus Pirapora Blog

Pictures are here.,225732

Hello Narrow Minded people...

Just got tipped off to this museum/railroad in the Czech republic by a contact in England. I know nothing more than what you can see on the website, but makes me want to visit. Since it is only 400miles from me maybe I will make it...just like I will make it to visit you guys, sooner or later, just takes time.



Just to keep you guys reminded that you are not the only ones doing good work...I thought to share this like with you from a German Field Railway Newsgroup as they have enough pictures that you don't need to read the German to understand the work that they are going through to restore this "Playground" engine.  Many, many of these industrial locomotives ended up as playground equipment and suffered more or less, we have several at our museum in Frankfurt that have returned from the playground to steam again...

If you are dying to understand the story in German contact me and I will help you with the garage that comes out of an automatic translation program.

keep up the narrow mindedness...

Hello all you 2ft more or less fans,

I am on a personal quest to help the world discover our Brazilian 23 5/8" former cement railroad in Brazil: Perus Pirapora. To this end I am preparing an article which I hope will be published in an American narrow gauge magazine this year. Working with friends in Canada, Brazil, Australia and myself in Germany this is truely international effort.

For the article we have a graphic artist preparing original artwork and and 3D CAD guru from Australia giving it their best. But the result is that we have too much "good stuff" just for an article so we are trying to figure out how we can produce a small booklet profiling the first of our 17 steam engines. Now in the lifetime of the railroad from 1902 until 1983 they had 29 locomotives and we have all or parts of 17 with 2 more located in other cities on display. Our, my dream is to produce 3-D CAD drawings and booklets documenting each of our locomotives, this not only to document history but to encourage modelers and live steamers to take ours as prototypes for their passions. You can already ride behind two of the locomotives.

So the two foot following is the US is pretty limited to extensive Main Two Footers and maybe the Gilpin Tramway of any noteriety. Now, now don't get insulted I know there is, were a few others. But since we have 7 Baldwins, 2 Porters and 5 ALCOs it makes sense to try and interest other Americans, right?

If the upload works you see a prelimary picture of the model of our Baldwin No.37399 an outside frame 2-4-0, our No.17, from 1912. You can see my pictures of her here:

Question is how can we pedal or booklets and drawings to help support our restoration efforts. I thoughts are to have booklets of about 60 pages that cost less than $20. I like some websites that sell e-books or downloadable PDFs because how big it interest that we can print real books? Surely, we can print them cheap in Brazil but when we send them to the US and Europe shipping and taxes will eat any profits. We don't have access to an E-commerce website that could sell them for us.

What suggests do the 2ft interested parties have? Anybody have good experiences with businesses that would be willing to add our products to their portfolio and sell them with the good intention to help us earn alittle to support our classic, poor, beginning railroad restoration?

Just a hint, this weekend we are moving a outside frame Baldwin 4-6-0, an 0-6-2ST Baldwin from 1897 and in the last month we moved two Baldwin 2-6-2T+T and an ALCO 2-4-2ST and we restored another ALCO 2-4-2ST to operation after 28 years.... :),136169,136169#msg-136169

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