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Other Narrow Gauge / 3 foot gauge in Ireland
« on: August 02, 2014, 12:46:21 PM »
Does anyone have any current information on some apparently closed Heritage Railways in the Republic of Ireland? I'll be passing by two of the old lines this October, spending one night near Castlegregory Junction on the Tralee and Dingle Light Railway. Apparently the museum in Tralee stopped operations in 2009, any static displays still around? The following morning we will be driving through Kilrush, Kilkee, and Moyasta Junction where the West Clare Railway terminated. There had been a section of restored track and heritage operations, but their website only listed events for 2013. Have they also closed or is their website just behind the times?  Thanks.

Work and Events / Re: WW&F No. 9 - Official Work Thread
« on: April 14, 2013, 03:06:09 PM »
Mineral wool is spun from slag or rock instead of glass like the pink stuff. It has a higher melting point than fiberglass.

Moderator Announcements / Re: Thank YOU!
« on: September 15, 2011, 02:57:58 PM »
Ed, I do agree with you fully. I've been browsing this forum for a year or two and it is because civility and how well it is run that I finally decided to sign up.

General Discussion / Re: Who Am I? or, Let's Introduce Ourselves
« on: September 15, 2011, 10:10:31 AM »
Hi All, Terry Church here from southeast North Carolina. I've been hooked on railroads longer than I can remember. Do have a fondness for steam, marvel at the engineering from the 1800's. My dad's family had a camp on Rangeley and remember looking across the town cove to the old Marbles station. Found Linwood Moody's book in the Rangeley library and that was the beginning of a 50 year love affair with narrow gauge. Thought I would pick up modelling again but this time in on30, fingers & eyesight aren't like they used to be, not much going on with that now. Years back I felt that the one line was the SR&RL RR, but now I can't get enough info of any of the Maine two footers. I do wish I lived closer to do "hands on" help, but that's the way it is. Guess I have been in North Carolina for a while, still have "Wilmington & Weldon", the forerunner of the Atlantic Coast Line standard guage, burned in my brain when I see WW & F in print. I plan on visiting the museum this October, looking forward to seeing everything.

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