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Title: Blueprints of FS&K Railway Surface
Post by: Glenn Byron on August 27, 2009, 03:46:48 PM
I saw them today!!!  Three framed Blueprints, scaled 300 feet to 1 inch, showing every Farmington landowner, about 50 of them, whose land was "Taken" for the Franklin, Somerset and Kennebec Railway right of way, dated March 1897.  These are located in the office of a prominent Farmington businessman who has given me permission to release this information.  They are in near perfect condition as he has had them framed for display.  I asked if he knew of their origin.  He carefully thought and said they were rolled and located in his father's belongings.  This fellow is from a long line of prominent Farmington heritage and the actual path of custody is probably not completely known.  What is shown give us the actual location of the rail bed from Farmington Village to Farmington Falls Village ending at the New Sharon Town Line. What a precious find!  I will be happy to work with any WW&F Members who wish to view these as long as we understand we cannot expect this generous person to drop everything without notice.  Just be reasonable.
Title: Re: Blueprints of FS&K Railway Surface
Post by: Glenn Byron on September 09, 2009, 10:55:38 AM
Hello Again,  Yesterday three of us journeyed to Farmington and met at the Titcomb House, operated by the Farmington Historical Society.  There, we were welcomed heartily by Nancy Porter, shown the original painting of the Farmington Falls Depot of the FS&K, and allowed to photocopy any of their archives on the FS&K or Leonard Atwood.  If anyone wishes to purchase the Natalie Butler 1976 book, "Farmington Falls, Where Farmington Began 1776" which shows this painting of the Falls Station, as well as the best biography of Leonard Atwood I've seen, they have a few copies left at $15 each, a real bargain.  We then proceeded to the office mentioned above to view the three blueprints.  But something was different this time. One of the two mentioned above, who was with me, produced a FS&K Blueprint of his own which showed "Beal's Brook Crossing".  This blueprint was done late Feb. 1897 while the three others were done March, 1897, but we were all quite sure all were done by the same person.  This probably marked the first time all of these blueprints were together since the days of an FS&K Office in Farmington in the late 1890's.  What a great reunion!
Title: Re: Blueprints of FS&K Railway Surface
Post by: Mike Fox on September 09, 2009, 08:24:19 PM
Sounds like you are having luck in your search. Keep us posted with the news.
Title: Re: Blueprints of FS&K Railway Surface
Post by: Jason M Lamontagne on February 24, 2019, 08:02:50 PM
Hello Glenn, all,

Did these maps ever get photographed or otherwise reproduced?  It’d be great to have a record of the FS&K location in this area. 

Perhaps it’s made it onto the google map of the FS&K?

Does anyone know of any references to the mill siding south of Farmington station that the FS&K cut a switch into?  I can’t find that reference...