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Title: Where is Housetts?
Post by: Dana Deering on May 14, 2009, 06:23:44 AM
I was reading some of the inventory lists in the back of the Bridgton Pictorial book and in one of the lists of buildings it shows a place called "Housetts", if I am remembering correctly.  There was a handcar/tool house there, a rail shed, and something else.   It shows the buildings as being built in 1883 so it would be on the Bridgton to Hiram line.  Was that South Bridgton?
Title: Re: Where is Housetts?
Post by: Mike Fox on May 14, 2009, 07:47:39 PM
  Housetts next to Barn. Barn sets next to pasture. Sorry couldn't resist.

   You got me looking. Comparing the 1916 and 1927 inventory lists, I am guessing Housett is at the South end of the Bridgton Yard. The way the inventory was written up in 27 was different but there are 4 of the road buildings there, the only place there was 4. Just a guess on my part.