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Title: Movie Location
Post by: Ed Lecuyer on January 25, 2009, 08:37:36 PM
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Bill Sample wrote:
Some mention of film site location was made in the Water Tank thread,
so that this important subject doesn't get "diluted" I set it under a new topic.
In Connecticut, the state has been actively promoting film making through the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism's Film Office.
At least three major motion pictures were filmed in CT during 2007; one of them ("Revolutionary Road") involved the RMNE's Naugatuck Railroad and was a good revenue producer.  They used our train and station at Thomaston CT and also rented 4 coaches and took them to Grand Central Terminal in NY for further filming.  In addition to the rental fees, the production staff spent hundreds of dollars in the RMNE gift shop on shirts and hats as souvenirs.  Following the end of the filming, we received a nice letter from the location director thanking us for our efforts and stating that we were a pleasure to work with - good for future references within the film trade.
The Connecticut Film Office maintains a location directory that is available as a reference to filmmakers.  Interested locations register with the Film Office to get on the directory.
Perhaps the State of Maine has some similar arrangement - if not, they should!

John McNamara replied:
Indeed, they do. It's called the Maine Film Office, and its website is http://www.filminmaine.com. (http://www.filminmaine.com.) We should prbably develop a portfolio of pictures showing our historic structures, equipment, and vistas.

jockellis replied:
As this discussion is getting its own thread, I'll reiterate my suggestion that an agent be acquired. Just looking at the photos in Wayne's article and those of the railroad yard, your facility might be the quirky backdrop some movie is just looking for.
You might make friends with the folks down there in the Maine Film Office. You know, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Is it still snowy up there? I had to put on a coat going home from work one night last week.
Jock Ellis

Josh Botting replied:
Yes, there is still snow here.  With the warm weather it has reduced to about a foot or so.  With the predicted this week, I suspect it will be down below 6" or so by the end of the week, won't really be snow though, more like white slush stuff.
Heat wave this week, up to the 40's.

Stewart Rhine replied:
Possible movie shoots on the WW&F -



Seriously though, recruiting production outfits can be a very good thing.  When I worked at Maryland Midland Railway we had a man who promoted the passenger train (with vintage F-Units) and historic depot in Union Bridge.  He secured a deal where a TV movie was filmed there.  The studio sent a complete crew to change the station signs, add old time phone booths, paint/letter the F-Units and set up the station platform for the shoot.  They were there about 4 days to film two 3 minute scenes.  The railroad allowed full access to buildings and made up special trains.  The director had one of our MMID radios and commanded the trains moves.  Some of the shoot was done at night.  It was alot of fun and MMID made a very good fee for renting out the railroad and supplying crews.    I remember that the studio liked having one person to work with for building use, equipment staging and running of trains.