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Title: Can't figure out where this old narrow-gauge RR was
Post by: Ed Lecuyer on January 21, 2009, 11:23:04 PM
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CGameProgrammer wrote:
I hope someone here can enlighten me; I remember encountering an abandoned narrow-gauge line on a canoe trip 14 years ago when I was half my current age and I don't know where it was.
This is a vague description, but I was in summer camp and we took a trip to some small town somewhere in Maine and started canoeing upstream from there. We eventually got to a small lake with some houses overlooking it, which was the first sight of civilization since starting out, and I think there was a tiny island of sorts in the middle of the lake. Anyway, further upstream, possibly even on that lake, though I think it was further, we went ashore to a spot where there was an old narrow-gauge locomotive and I could see track going off into the woods. I think that's when we turned out.
I apologize for how vague this is and I don't even know if it was part of some museum or what, but I saw no roads. But I've been wanting to place this memory for a while. Thanks.

James Patten replied:
Are you certain it was narrow gauge and not standard?
Up in the north Maine woods north and west of Baxter, on one of the lakes sit two standard gauge steam locomotives and track from the old Eagle Lake and West Branch lumber railroad.  I believe these are 8 drivered engines, although someone else could correct me.  I think also the remnants of the yard can be found.
Further south on Umbazooksus lake, would be found the other end of the line.  You'd see track, but no engines.

elecuyer replied:
Here is a web site of the locomotives that James was talking about:
http://www.state.me.us/doc/parks/programs/history/allagash/rr.htm (http://www.state.me.us/doc/parks/programs/history/allagash/rr.htm)

CGameProgrammer replied:
It is very likely that that's what I was thinking of. Thanks!

Josh Botting replied:
Probally were canoeing down stream...
Chamberlain lake, the RR ran between this lake and another.  Until they just diverted the direction in which the lake output flowed from N to S.