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Title: End of the line for the EBT?
Post by: Ed Lecuyer on January 21, 2009, 11:14:52 PM
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Ira Schreiber wrote:
I post this with no editorial comment....
http://www.preservationnation.org/magazine/2008/march-april/feature4.html (http://www.preservationnation.org/magazine/2008/march-april/feature4.html)

Steve Klare replied:
Somehow the idea has developed that if a narrow gauge railroad made it beyond about 1970 that it will exist forever, but in the real world the bills still show up every day no matter what the gauge is.

Mike Fox replied:
Thanks for posting Ira. This has been floating around in an e-mail recently.

Joe Fox replied:
Lets all hope and pray for history and preservation sake that they make it through ok. I was hoping to visit the EBT next year, but now I will try my best to make it down there this summer.

Ray Davidowski replied:
I'm never sure what to believe when I see these things.  Mr. K has really been interested in selling the place for years (even a decade or two), and the financial situation has been known for just as long.  Articles writing-off the EBT came out even as #15 went down for boiler inspection and overhaul 6 years ago, obviously a time when Mr. K was tossing a small fortune at the railroad.  The Kovalchick family has really done a lot in just keeping the place going (for nearing 50 years now!), but something does have to give...hopefully a reasonable buyer can be found who will be able to make a bigger investment to increase ridership and income.

Jon Dandridge replied:
One of the guys at my model RR club heard about the EBT's woes and passed the hat around and collected over $300 to send to the FEBT. Maybe if more rail oriented organizations could do this kind of thing we might be able to help them stay afloat.

Locomotive112 replied:
Has anyone heard what the going price for the EBT that the K family would accept?  Maybe I can gather a group of financial institutions to look into the development of the rr into a better more educational and entertaining (and better separator of people from their money) attraction along with a throw back experience with more interaction, attractions. I could organize busses from the cities through the turnpike to stop mandatory for a time of rest and make the trains come into the station right on time to entice the passengers.   That would make a passenger base for the RR that it will garner a good percentage of that traffic.  I've got some ideas that might work.
I thought the local PN citizens were up in arms and ready to do this back about 10 years ago, what happened?
Was there only the "sell it to the state" plan? What about private money? Like a Theme park.  "Knotts Berry Farms" is a whole lot better than a mass scrapping.
How about  "Orbisonia Escape"? Just a suggestion, but it might be the only option.
Someone up your way (politicians) are either uninformed or uninclined to do anything about that RR, it takes noise to make them change, or money. I suggest noise.   It might be that the K family has so many restrictions (trying to protect it, and that is not nec. a bad thing, but) that it can not be purchased and ran at a profit with those stimulations in place, time will finally melt those restrictions(if they exist, who knows), so maybe it's time and everything is ready to go again.    NG'ers and EBT nuts, & Railfans, feel free to do anyhting you can to make something happen, No news is bad news on this. The political system only moves from force and if not enough voices speak up or there are not enough Dollars to justify it, it will go away.    Contact and mail paper letters to PN state politicians, and out of staters can also do the same.