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Title: Stations and Sidings
Post by: Ed Lecuyer on January 08, 2009, 10:39:23 PM
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Mike Fox wrote:
I have been at it again. I have acquired another book, this time on Officers, Agents, stations and sidings. A reproduction of a booklet published by the Maine Central in 1917.
In total, there are 17 stations/sidings listed for the B&SR. It lists the mileage the siding or station is at. There are a few I want to talk about, and find out what we know. Unfortunately it does no list siding length.
These are the ones listed.
Bridgton Jct. MP 0
Scribners, MP 0.8
Small's, MP 1.2
Rankin's Mill, MP 2.0
Mullen Siding, MP 2.7
Twin Lake, MP 4.4
Gravel Pit, MP 5.3
West Sebago, MP 7.3
Water Tank Siding, MP 7.6
Perley's Mills, MP 9.0
Ingalls Road, MP 10.5
Kennetts, MP 11.3
South Bridgton, MP 12.1
Sandy Creek, MP 13.6
Bridgton, MP 15.9
No. Bridgton, MP 19.5
Harrison, MP 20.8
The first one I want to discuss would be Small's. This must be near the arch?
Next is Mullen Siding. Must be somewhere between Rankin's and the summit. I think Dana pointed this out on the first field trip.
And lastly is Kennetts. I think I found this location but don't know for sure.
Anyone Familiar with these?

Duncan Mackiewicz replied:
It sounds like you are on target with your guestimates but I'm not the one to say for sure.  Maybe Dana would be.  Like you though I'm curious about those locations.  Heck, I've not even heard of them until now.  Keep us posted on what you find out.