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Title: New Injector for #9
Post by: Gordon Cook on August 04, 2021, 02:04:06 PM
The museum has purchased a new boiler water injector for the fireman's side of #9. It will replace the injector that has been on the engine since its return to service and has often been a source of trouble. Recently it suffered a complete failure of a major component. One of our many talented members quickly machined a new part so we were able to return the engine to service without any disruption to scheduled operations.

As many of you know, new locomotive injectors of a size suitable for our small engines have not been manufactured in many years. We have had to rely on old injectors which are not in the best condition. Also, it is difficult to test and troubleshoot problems with them.

Because of the critical role that the injectors have in ensuring a safe and reliable operation, it was decided to make this investment when we were alerted to the availability of a new injector that will provide reliable operation for years to come.

The new injector has been manufactured by Anthony Duarte of Eccentric Engineer. He manufactures injectors and other components for the Live Steam hobby and recently produced a full size replica of a Number 4 Nathan Simplex injector which should be ideal for our engine. www.eccentricengineer.com (http://www.eccentricengineer.com)
As finances permit, we plan on purchasing more of these for #9 engineer's side, #10, and #11.
As you can see, these are truly works of the machinist's art. The first picture gives a good idea of the complexity of these devices and the level of skill and knowledge required to successfully reproduce them. It also shows why it is not easy to figure out what might be wrong with one.

(this image borrowed from EE's Facebook page)
(https://i.ibb.co/dWfrkxy/injector3.jpg) (https://ibb.co/C1wzVDF)

Our injector fresh from the oven:
(https://i.ibb.co/PCfnNJ3/injector1.jpg) (https://ibb.co/C0TZz4N)

The check valve:
(https://i.ibb.co/xzfXSfF/injector2.jpg) (https://ibb.co/F80mb0H)

Title: Re: New Injector for #9
Post by: Keith Taylor on August 04, 2021, 02:27:34 PM
A work of art and sorely needed!

Title: Re: New Injector for #9
Post by: Bill Piche on August 04, 2021, 03:30:02 PM
Anthony has quickly gained a reputation for outstanding work in the live steam community. His work has been unparalleled these last few years and these injectors look like a great alternative to the Strasburg option.

Just out of curiosity, is this coming with the #4 nozzles or the #5 nozzles for more available throughput?
Title: Re: New Injector for #9
Post by: Gordon Cook on August 04, 2021, 04:24:43 PM
It has the #4 nozzle. Jason spoke with Anthony and confirmed that it would be appropriate for #9.
Title: Re: New Injector for #9
Post by: Jason M Lamontagne on August 04, 2021, 05:00:38 PM
The actual size is 4.3, which is the largest nozzle this body can fit while still accepting an outlet check.  Without* an outlet check a 4.7 nozzle fits (which I believe he markets as a No 5 nozzle). 

According to both period specs and Eccentric Engineers specs, this 4.3 nozzle should at least match our current (non-locomotive) size 8 nozzle.

Looking forward to it.


*corrected typo- thanks Graham!
Title: Re: New Injector for #9
Post by: Bob Holmes on August 04, 2021, 06:22:10 PM
Wow!  So what is the price range?  I'm sure we're already planning ahead to budget for the rest we need!
Title: Re: New Injector for #9
Post by: James Patten on August 04, 2021, 07:20:53 PM
$8000+ for one.
Title: Re: New Injector for #9
Post by: Bill Baskerville on August 04, 2021, 09:21:54 PM
Wow!  But we really needed it.