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Title: Fall Work Weekend Prep 2018
Post by: Joe Fox on August 06, 2018, 04:30:30 PM
Hey everyone,

In conjunction with the time consuming bridge project, we will need to start sorting, cropping, and drilling rail in prep for the work weekend. I estimate this to consume 8 days. Hopefully it is less, but that is my anticipation. To make it happen I will need a forklift operator at a bare minimum, or hopefully a place for the rail to be staged for me to work alone on it.

Track work and many other tasks have taken an extreme back burner by everyone this year. And I know many view it as not needed, but this is a huge behind the scenes KEY into making our Work Weekends a HUGE success and for many the sole reason for coming.

I hope to start on 8/18 but that will depend heavily on the bridge. So 8/25 is the absolute latest we can start.

How much rail do we need to prep? 100 sticks, equivelant to 1400' of track length.

I will do my best to post a better schedule in the next week or so. Should only need a crew of 2-3 most days, but if there is more theres always lots to do.