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Title: Wish List
Post by: Mike Fox on February 01, 2014, 11:02:57 PM
With the arrival of a second tractor, we now have equipment enough to maintain our grounds a little easier. But we need a few things. That is what this is all about. If you know of someone that wants to part with these items, we are looking for them. Donating would be best.

First.  A 48inch bush hog style mower. Could be a 60inch but no larger. PTO driven. This will be for the Mitsubishi Mowing Detachment, based out of Alna Center, Me. This would make mowing Albee's Field so much easier, as well as other locations near by that are level enough to mow with it.

Second. A 7 foot Sickle bar mower, PTO driven. Rear mount for a John Deere tractor. This will allow mowing in places where you can't drive the tractor, like the sides of the ROW, south of Sheepscot.

As other things come up or are brought to my attention I may mention it here. Please check with someone at the museum to keep from having multiple items. Working condition is best of course, but repairable condition is ok too, as long as it is reasonable.