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Title: What they think of us in Brazil!
Post by: Wayne Laepple on March 27, 2013, 10:07:38 PM
This was forwarded to me by a friend who follows the Perus-Pirora two-foot gauge museum near Sao Paulo, Brazil. The line has a fleet of two-foot gauge 2-6-2's, 2-4-2T's and 0-4-0T's, all US built. One of the 2-4-2T's has been restored and is operated on a regular basis on several miles of the former cement-hauling railroad.

The language is mangled just a bit by the translation application:

Also, an interesting comment on the EFPP blog (which I get in Portuguese, but translate through the Google toolbar I have on my browser):
Re: We should learn from these Americans!
Submitted by: "AHDB" trempaulista@yahoo.com.br trempaulista

Ter, 26 March 2013 10:15 am

      Guidini is that there is the spirit of collectivity, to be associative and be a participant other than the typical Brazilian who only knows how to collect and bragging rights .... .... and not do anything .. like a bucket full of crabs Alberto H Del Bianco. '. ____________ _________ _________ __ From: Leandro Guidini < guidini @ gmail. with > To: Group EFPP < @ peruspirapora yahoogrupos. com.br >; Julio Moraes < juliodiasdemoraes @ gmail.com > Sent: Monday, 25 March 2013 21:15 Subject: [peruspirapora] We should learn from these Americans! friend. Following are links to two videos and the site of the WW & F RR in Alna - Maine - USA. This is the railroad I like it out for their incredible quality standard, because it is very small and resembles a lot with us, the EFPP. It's great to see the teamwork working calmly, without yelling. I use it as an example for me, and I share with you guys to use as an example to you guys as a tourist railroad gauge 60 should work with little. My dream is to become particularly like them ... No more writing, and we will watch and navigate the Guidini http://www.trenzinh odaaurora. com.br / http://vapor- minimo.blogspot. com /