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Title: Carter Brothers Trucks
Post by: Ted Miles on December 07, 2008, 07:05:18 PM

The Carter Brothers of Newark, California (outside San Francisco) were builders of 3 ft narrow gauge freight, logging and passenger equipment. The Society for the Preservation of Carter Brothers Resources was organized several years ago to preserve their history and equipment (www.spcrr.org)

The Carters built three types of swing motion freight car trucks. 8 tons, 10 tons and 15 tons. These last were later and as a result are fairly common. But until recently there were no known examples of the ten ton type in existance.

Thanks to a discovery of a pair in the Santa Cruz mountains on the right of way of an abandoned logging line the missing parts could be measured and patterns made and cast.

The web site has a long pictorial essay on how the pair of trucks were built in 2003. There will be more to come as other cars in the collection need trucks and more grants are being sought.

The box car that they are now under is the South Pacific Coast #472 (later Southern Pacific) The most successful narrow gauge line in California. The car had been built back in 1880 for the Oregonian Railroad at Dundee, Oregon. It last ran on the Owens Valley Line of the SP until 1960.

Their collection contains one passenger car, two caboose combines, several box cars, one flat car and a horse car. And of course two horses for motive power. Plus the occasional visiting narrow gauge steam locomotive.

Have a look at their site; I think you will find a lot of interest.

Ted Miles

Today the Society operates the only horse drawn freight line in the country. and the are now building their first car barn to protect their historic cars 

Update in 2017: they had to retire thie horses, but now use a small diesel. Restoration of a NWP baggage caboose is under way.

Ted Miles