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Museum Now Listed on Popular Fundraising and Volunteering Web Sites

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Ed Lecuyer:
In an effort to bring additional revenue and volunteers to the WW&F, a concerted effort took place recently to list our museum on a variety of web sites. These popular sites should bring new interest to our organization.

The WW&F is now listed on www.igive.com and www.goodsearch.com. Visitors to these two web sites can list the WW&F as their preferred charity. Then, visitors use the sites for common web tasks - searching (instead of using Google or another search engine) and shopping. Each search generates a small donation to the WW&F. Purchases generate even more revenue. Any member who uses the Internet on a regular basis is encouraged to use these sites to effortlessly raise donations to the WW&F.

There are also several web sites that list organizations seeking new volunteers. The WW&F is now included on these sites: www.serve.gov, www.allforgood.org, www.idealist.org, www.volunteermaine.org, and www.volunteermatch.org. It is hoped that these listing will help increase the pool of volunteers for the regular weekend duties, and for the bi-annual work weekends.

Ed Lecuyer:
To date, 3 people (that would be me and 2 others) have used iGive to raise almost $20 for the WW&F. All I've been doing is starting at igive.com, selecting the WW&F as my preferred charity, and doing my Internet shopping from there. This even works for well-known sites such as Amazon.com, Buy.com, Overstock.com, Staples.com, etc.

Standard Internet searches still work best with Google or Bing, but iGive can also be used when you're not looking for something real specific.

Ed Lecuyer:
"'Tis the season to do shopping."

A couple of members have made a handful Internet purchases through www.igive.com, listing the WW&F as their charity of choice. In just a few short months, with just two active users, more than $50 has been raised for the WW&F!

If you do any shopping online (including through well-known e-retailers like Amazon.com) consider starting at iGive. It's a really easy way to raise real money for our cause.

Ed Lecuyer:
I just got an email from the folks at iGive. First off, they have already donated almost $60.00 to the museum, with the first royalty checks already arrived... this with less than 10 supporters.

If you sign up before Noon on 12/16/09 and do just 1 search, we get $1. While that doesn't sound like much, it adds up quickly... especially if you buy something.

Signup is easy (and free) click on:

Those of you who know me, know that I don't forward 'send to all your friends' emails, spam schemes, and jokes. This is a legit way to raise money for the WW&F and I have not seen any downside to using it.



James Patten:
Any idea how much money was raised from iGive from this offer?


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