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Colors. buildings and cars
« on: April 05, 2009, 10:21:52 PM »
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ETSRRCo wrote:
I am going to try and do a watercolor painting of the photo on page 67 of Narrow Gauge in the Sheepscot Valley Vol. V. It is the rear view of the 6 in front of the car shop. I need to know what the color of the car shop was during the time of this photo along with the combined #7. Also anything else that had a special color to it. Anything I dont know I will make up.
Eric Bolton
East Tigard & Southern Railroad Co 1889-1958

Stephen Hussar replied:
Jason mentioned that the Baldwin specs for #7 called for it to be delivered with a dark olive green cab and tender. Did #6 have similar specs?

Stewart Rhine replied:
Eric,  The car shop was painted yellow.  The shades were from bright yellow when the paint was new to faded/pale after a few years.  Engine 6 was probably painted gloss black which was the Baldwin standard for a freight locomotive.
Steve H. mentioned that the 7 may have had a dark olive/Brunswick green cab and tender.   When requested, Baldwin would paint passenger service locomotives in colors to match the customer's rolling stock.  The WW&F was using a dark olive green on the passenger car fleet at that time.  The combine would have been painted dark green.

ETSRRCo replied:
Ok well the sketch came out really good. Now comes the hard part. This will probable take a week or two cause I'm working on it as an art class project. If the painting comes out good I'll start doing a WW&F series. The next I would like to do is the builders photo of the 7.
Eric Bolton
East Tigard & Southern Railroad Co 1889-1958

Jason M Lamontagne replied:
No 7's spec sheet from Baldwin says "Painting Style 215, Olive Green and Aluminum," initialled "ok" next to it.
No 6's spec sheet from Baldwin says "Painting Style 291, Olive Green and Aluminum," also initialled ok.
I took this to mean that BLW had a long list of standard paint schemes, much like all their locomotive parts were standardized.  Painting style probably specified what parts of the locomotive were like colored, while the olive green and aluminum specified the major or governing colors.
I would further guess that Baldwin specified what they thought would look good, if not specified by the purchaser, and then check to be sure it was acceptable; hence the handwritten "ok."
Interestingly, 7 was specified with a planished steel (essentially Russian iron) jacket; while 6 was originally so specified, but this was hand scratched out, and handwritten in is "painted steel."  Monetary issues, anyone?
Another tid-bit.  No 6's spec sheet, under main frame, says "Cast Steel, Heavier than 10-18 1/4 D-8 (Sandy River 8, I think).  Frames of 8 have not broken, but the RR is rough and they fear they will break- hence the request- Add about 2000 lbs."
These spec sheets are available from DeGolyer Library at SMU in Texas.  I'll check to see if they may have paint specs, but I doubt it.  Wouldn't those be great to have, though?
see ya

BM1455 replied:
You can prety much be certain that the colors previously mentioned in reference to the Baldwin spec sheet lasted onely a year or two tops.  The colors in the the photograph in question were probably black with a silvery graphite color on the smokebox.  The lettering was white and there would be a liberal amount of grime, dust and rust colors to add to this.  This is how it looked most of it's life on the WW&F.
Eric Larsen.

tomc replied:
I believe the Aluminum was refering to the Lettering color.
Tom C.
Ed Lecuyer
Moderator, WW&F Forum