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Vidoes of the W, W, & F
« on: April 05, 2009, 10:18:36 PM »
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Joe Fox wrote:
Do any of you guys know of any videos from the original W, W, & F Ry? The only one that I know of is when a guy get on a hand car, and films about a mile of track, from Wiscasset upper yard, all the way up to where the track leaves the coast line. If you know of any others, please let me know. Thanks

James Patten replied:
The only one that I know of that is publically available is Sunday River's Two Foot Gauge in Maine, which has about 1 minute's worth of video from the WW&F, after abandonment.
I think I have seen video from Cameron Brown, but it was during a busy Picnic and I didn't stick around to watch.  It included color at Edaville, so it probably was B&W from the B&H.

Joe Fox replied:
Hi James,
That video of Edaville has video footage from Wales, SR&RL, and the Bridgton & Saco River. It is a pretty good film and is made by Mark 1 video.

Steve Klare replied:
Being that Kodak introduced 16mm in 1923, I'll give you odds there was a lot of amateur footage shot of all the two footers. The problem you run into is that once the original shooters passed on and their heirs didn't understand what it was, it just became "Dad's movies of trains", and is probably sitting in basements and attics all over, maybe never to be seen again.
The Sunday River footage was shot by Albert G. Hale. What brought him to Maine was his college friend Hugh Montgomery of Phillips invited him up to see the SR&RL in 1935. Like the rest of us he caught the fever and wound up touring whatever of the Two Footers he could find, unfortunately he got to the WW&F after abandonment and all that was possible was the hand car ride.
I have a Sunday River Super-8 print of this footage from the days before they went to VHS and it shows the line intact but picked at around the edges. They approach the Wiscassett yard from the north and the place is cluttered with debris from the informal scrapping that was already taking place at that time. In the closing scene of the footage you can see the two clipper ships in the distance, already leaning over.
I have the Mark I Edaville video and it's got some neat stuff, including color footage of the B&H in winter time. I don't think there was any WW&F footage there.
I have some WW&F footage myself, but since it was shot in 2002, I guess it shouldn't count...
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