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Hans Brandes:
An update on #7: We continue to work on tube end removal and smokebox disconnection. Our plan is to send just the boiler to Boothbay. This will allow them to work on the boiler in their shop and solve the transportation issue that we had with trying to move the whole locomotive. Our goal is to get the boiler up there before the end of 2008.

BTW...MRR 3 is now at Boothbay.

Hans Brandes:
It's a possibility that the boiler may be lifted out this Saturday (November 1). A few things have to come together (or come apart) for this to happen successfully. Currently we are coordinating getting the boom truck and then making sure that BRV can handle the arrival on their end. Not all tube ends have been cut out but we can finish this at BRV.

Hans Brandes:
Not quite there with boiler. More hard work last Saturday as we burned more bolts off to remove firebox and smokebox braces. We have cut away most of the smokebox from the saddle. Only thing left now is a few more saddle bolts and detaching the air compressor.

Breaking news...the boiler will be right next door to WW&F as it is going to Alna instead of BRV to be worked on by Brian and Jason. Some of will be up there on occasion to finish removing tube ends.

Matthew Gustafson:
Is There Any Photos Of #7s Current state? :( :)

Hans Brandes:
Photos have been taken but not posted yet. Not sure you want to see it with out a cab roof and a stripped boiler. All part of the repair process.


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