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Welsh Highland Railway Sponsors Day
« on: January 07, 2009, 09:58:03 PM »
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jlancasterd wrote:
It was Sponsors' Day on the WHR today - two 10-car trains (or rather the same 10-car train twice) ran over Phase 4 from Rhyd Ddu to Hafod y Lyn, on the flatlands beyond Aberglaslyn Pass, this was the closest point to the head of steel where the locomotives (NGG16 Garratt 143 and Funkey diesel Castell Caernarfon) could be run round the train, so that the steam locomotive led in both directions.
There is a mass of photos on the WHR website:

Ira Schreiber replied:
Wonderful photos.. Keep up the good work.
Thanks to all who made this possible.
Someday, we can celebrate like this at the WW&F.
Ira Schreiber

Allan Fisher replied:
As a life member of the Welsh Highland from across the ocean, I am very proud of all that has and is being accomplished , and look forward to visiting in 2009 and many times thereafter.  Kudos!

jlancasterd replied:
There are more photos of the Sponsors' trains on:
This site, by the FR's in-house photographer, also includes a large number of photos covering recent events on the FR (gravity trains, etc)
Ed Lecuyer
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