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Re: Water tanks on the WW&F
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Prior to widespread electric service availability, windmills were sometimes used to fill railroad water tanks.   While I haven't found direct evidence that the WW&F employed any windmills to fill their tanks, I did find an interesting story about a windmill at Weeks Mills [newly restored in 2017].

Story link:

Quote from that story about the Weeks Mills windmill:
“The water tank that stores the water is still in the village and still in use today,” he said. But the power for the pump now comes from a gasoline engine, not a windmill.

Bassett said etching on one of the legs indicates the tower was sent to a Mr. Massey, who developed the water system.

“It came on the WW&F (Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington) Railway,” Bassett said, giving the colloquial translation as “Weak, Wobbly and Frail,” and noting that it was a narrow gauge railway.