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Wiscasset Station Maine Central/ Knox & Lincoln

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Rick Morris:

I am doing some research on the Maine Central Freight and Passenger Station in Wiscasset. In a post in this Forum in September 2017 James Patten posted two black/white photos with the Main Central station buildings, does anyone know what year those photos were taken?


James Patten:
Hi Rick,
Those photos I believe can be found in Two Feet to Tidewater or one of the other books about the WW&F.  I don't know the years they were taken, but my guess would be the teens or twenties.

Bernie Perch:
I heard from someone (may have been Peter Barney) that the building still exists and was moved.  Wayne and I tried looking for it, but didn't really find something that even remotely resembles it.  Maybe someone can verify this.


Pete Leach:
There are additional photos in the book: Narrow Gauge in the Sheepscot Valley, Vol 1. by McChesney, DeVos, and Kohler.  One is dated between 1900 and 1912.  You may want to check there.

James Patten:
There's an interesting article regarding archaeology near the MEC's Wiscasset Station area. 

There's pictures of the station being removed by road to be repurposed.


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