Author Topic: Has the WW&F ever considered encouraging a social science study of Volunteering  (Read 1153 times)

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I had contact with this young lady that is finishing her Phd. topic on the Heritage railway volunteerism specially on the Welsch Highlands 2ft rr. But as a notable organisation that the WW&F is, that has accomplished so much. As anyone formalised why it works at the WW&F and why so many other groups fail, wither out or just self destruct? I think that this would be a good topic for some University student in social sciences, psychology or such. It could be considered a offer of good will to the preservation world to document how and why the WW&F works so well and might be useful for grant righting and planning for the long term and attraction of skilled volunteers from the "Nintendo generation" as they age. Just a thought.

If anyone is interested I can make the connections and add a few resources that I've found as well has international prospective from different cultures where it works and not.
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That is a good question. I will say this, we as a whole Organization and membership, are very fortunate to have some very great leadership, knowledgeable people to make projects happen, and wonderful members who provide funds to make it all happen. Honestly, its not just one key thing, but rather everyone as a whole helps ensure things happen the way they do. Our membership is equally as responsible for making things happen, as our volunteers and members who put progress to good use. 29 years in the making, and things have been well developed, learned easier or better ways to do things, etc.
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