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The Pittsfield Extension!!!
« on: June 03, 2018, 03:11:20 PM »
Found the following on Thursday
-Written Description of the W&Q Survey from Wiscasset to Burnham.
-Written Description of the W&Q Survey from Wiscasset to Burnham as Ammended. (I think this is the 'As-Built' description).
But most exciting of all...
-Written Description of the W&Q Survey from Burnham to Pittsfield!!!

I didn't get a complete group of images for the first one, I think I got all of the second one, but I have images of the entire Pittsfield extension. This is the official location and not a preliminary survey. There are some problems though that I haven't encountered in any significance in the other descriptions I have located. I may be able to find another description on Monday to resolve this though, so we will see where this goes.

But, you can follow the Pittsfield Survey roughly for now along the following points:
-Start at the third house east of the Sebasticook River on the north side of the Troy Road
-Head north across the island to the north shore of the river
-Continue north between the river and Route 11/100/ North Main Street
-The railroad appears to run north about halfway between the river and the road until you get to the house that is across the street from the long chicken barn
-Here I an pretty sure it swung west a little and that the power lines that are faintly visible follow the route roughly. (Portions of the Winslow Branch we later paralleled with pole lines.)
-So run north until you get to the dam. The dam wasn't built until 1929 so assume a straight line from where the power lines terminate across the impoundment to the opposite shore
-Still following road the grade would be running where there is now water, I think about two or three times the width of the road to the east.
-You'll eventually pick up a pole line again around where the impoundment widens significantly and Route 11/100 turns west, follow this
-When you get to Eel Weir Road the line would cross about two houses to the west of Route 11/100 and head north
-Now in the area to the east of the second curve in the reverse curve of Route 11/100 I get into a problem with the description, the described route, based on the headings given for the tangents, has the bed veering east, but the curves given have the bed going slightly west of north. There is a clear line to the south of this that runs SW to NE but I am confident that this isn't associated with the railroad but a gas/oil pipeline. So follow the clearing for the pole line again to Route 11/100 and cross the road about halfway between the Webb Road and the Sebasticook River.
-Go about to the MEC and veer east and parallel the tracks until you get to Raymond & Railroad Streets. This would be a logical end for a planned connection with the Sebasticook and Moosehead Lake RR to Hartland/Harmony as the wye is directly across the MEC from here.
And to support all of this there is mention that the sub-grade had been started and it is visible when studying a map with 2 foot contour intervals.
P. Levesque
Fairfield, ME

James Patten

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Re: The Pittsfield Extension!!!
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2018, 04:46:42 PM »
I found the extension to be generally followable using Google maps for part of the way, until things peter out.  It may have been at that dam, I don't know.