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Re: AMTP in Pithiviers, France
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Hi follks !
 Today I'm going to tell you about the museum of the AMTP that means Association du MUSEE des Transports de Pithiviers.The museum is as old as the association (1966). It is located close to Pithiviers station in the  disused  frieghtcar repair shop of the T.P.T.  The museum is rather large, it comprises three bays fit with  standart, three- foot and two foot- gauge tracks. At the back of it there is a large room that was the shop forge and the forge with its implements is still  there. The exhibits are steam locomotives and freight cars of course but quite a lot  of railroad artifacts as well, such as lanterns, caps, uniforms model steam locomotives etc . The museum was not exclusively  dedicated to the two footers let alone the TPT.  Over the past decades you could admire two electric streetcars  a three- foot gauge steam locomotive and loungecar  and a  three foot gauge railcar too . When I started out as a volunteer in 1973 there were even a old bus and a steamroller!    Still there were a few two- foot gauge steam locomotives. In the early 2017 a new and young leadershhip was voted an since then  things  has been changing a lot in the museum that little by little will be dedicated  to the two foot gauge and the TPT history. You can see a few vews of the museum on the AMTP website and fb. CU soon .