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Author Topic: Edaville Christmas 2013  (Read 1688 times)
Gordon Cook
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« on: December 30, 2013, 03:21:10 PM »

A short report on my experience at Edaville this season.
We were there on Saturday night, Dec. 27, and it was very crowded, the line for the train was extending back past the amusement park rides. They had 2 trains operating; #21 with the Polar Express and the diesel train for the less fortunate. Both went out full from 4:30 till 8. My understanding is that the PE takes a different route than the PODT (Plain Old Diesel Train), heading for the North Pole and Santa. There was no sign of #11.
We got on the 4:45 PODT and that took about 20 minutes at estimated 5 MPH to go around the loop.  I believe there was 5-6 Edaville cars, two open cars, a genuine coach (?) and a caboose on the train. Many lights, definitely old school. No computer controlled Youtube worthy displays here! We passed an area of lots of dirt moved around just before we got back to the north end of the parking lot, with signs explaining there will be go karts and bumper boats in there. Also what looked like it may be an enginehouse taking shape.
In general the park was tidy and clean, reasonably well taken care of, with enough stuff to keep the under 12 crowd happy for a couple of hours. The former greenhouse now holds a cranberry exhibit and kids play area on the second floor, with a tinplate model train (vintage AF and Lionel), restrooms, and more play space on the first floor. Tacky and useless gift shop, too.
Of interest on the second floor were some nice old tractors and a video playing with a lot of B&H footage of fan trips in the early 40's, as well as an explanation and footage of the beginnings of Edaville. #7, Rangely, and W&Q #3 could be seen rolling around the bogs.
Edaville is unfortunately not a must see destination for two footer railfans anymore, but still hanging in there as a kiddy park.


Bill Piche
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« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2013, 10:39:32 PM »

My understanding is that the PE takes a different route than the PODT (Plain Old Diesel Train), heading for the North Pole and Santa.

That route would be the restored mile or so of the old loop that was cut off years ago. They actually rebuilt the track most of the way to guardrail curve from my understanding. That's where they put the north pole for this year.

Previous years they've just run two circuits of the "new" loop, where now they go up the old line, back down, then finish the loop.

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Mark Spremulli
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« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2013, 10:44:53 PM »

The track was restored to guard rail curve however the "North Pole" was Cranberry Lake Park. I rode the first night there on the 6:30 run. Brought back a lot of memories.
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